Brand names

A name is the only unchanging element of a product: it is communicated across all channels – visually and aurally, in media, on telephone and personal interviews thus also “learned”. Therefore a name has great potential.

Along with creating, we are worldwide leading partners in trademark legality, as well as cultural and linguistic domain searches.

In addition to development of brand names and company names, we also offer services in related areas.





Brand name or company name, as an essential element in the life of a company or product must endorse long term strategic scenarios and work in all markets that will be explored in the future. E.g. The company Skidata mainly produces systems for underground parking today – A continuous opportunity always perceived as non-expert. The above is a typical example of narrowing a name. Another difficulty would also be a brand name or trade name that does not linguistically work. For example, a company named Tchibo wanted to explore the Japanese market, but the word “Tchibo” means “death” in Japanese. Best known is the flop in the big car brands, such as the Mitsubishi Pajero (which means wanker in Spanish) or Fiat Uno (which means fool in Finnish). In addition, there can be serious legal problems: When VW Touran was brought to market a Turkish automotive workshops owner named Ali Turan reported that the names sound similar. This forced the company to withdraw the name, and also to pay a large severance.




There are a lot of positive aspects in favor of a professional brand development As Paul Watzlawick formulated. “We cannot not-communicate”. This means, each word conveys something that awakes an existing association in our minds, which can be positive or negative. These associations are influenced by individual experience and background, which is also culturally diverse.

In addition to association, phonetics also plays a crucial role. The sound works together with the associations and notation in more desired dimensions. Thus, words seem relaxed and relaxed like “CHYLL” an award-winning design panel, whose name we developed for ThyssenKrupp. Or like “DURONIC”, stable robust technology reminder developed for Schiedel fireplaces. ILUMOS is a luminous facade that also means exactly BOLTOR and KATAK, which are excavator trademarks for a Korean manufacturer – each including all relevant domains and rights for the brand name or company name.





One can either take a lot of money to advertising and marketing associations in order to get to the minds of its customers or go the much cheaper way: that is, to make use of the existing impressions of words and syllables in the linguistic culture. In Austria, around 9,000 brands are registered every year, in Switzerland and Germany 30,000 and 80,000 are registered respectively. Very few of these brands will ever be enshrined in the active vocabulary of the people. Only a few big brands succeed in sustainably to get into the minds of people. For 99.9% of the companies in the world, Name plays an important role in addition to legal aspects, and first contact with the client to trigger the right emotions, impressions and ideas. The information on this website should show the considerations underlying the development of professional name. We are an experienced service provider and number one in Austria. It does not cost the world, especially for small business founders, we have the lowest rates in German-speaking area. The brand name or company name is for many companies a major investment, given that goodwill is now up to 95% of the trade value.