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Brand Names

Up to 95% of the company value is represented by brands. Unchanging core is the brand name - it must meet all strategic, international legal, linguistic and cultural requirements. Increasingly important are the associated domains.

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Company Names

Company names and brands are increasingly merging. Even with complex brand architectures, the company name plays an increasingly important role as a key brand for success. For smaller companies, it's about to reach a strong initial impression: In that way money and time for years of "charging" the brand is saved.

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Brand Strategies

Every successful brand and company name is based on a strategy. A good strategy takes into account all market aspects and competition, as well as the company's resources. Increasingly important is also the aspect of authenticity.

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agentur firmennamen


  • Ergomotion

    Branding for the Institue of Motion and Sport

  • Viscora

    Branding for high-tech engineering films

  • Apremia

    Naming for the products of an pharmaceutical association

  • Monier

    Claim for the worlds second largest roofing company

  • Orderman

    Brand architecture for the market leader in gastronomy software

  • Palais Werndl

    Branding for a service center in an historical building in steyr, upper austria

  • soft impact

    Naming and branding for a software company

  • Aqotec

    Naming and branding für a heat exchange technology company

  • Chyll

    Naming and branding for a design panel of ThyssenKrupp

  • Risk Unit

    Branding for an insurance company


    Branding für flight fashion label


    Naming, agency for digital media


    Branding for online-shipping-cost optimization service





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