Slogans | Claims

Often inextricably linked with the name. Provides crucial additional claims that position the brand clearly making it stand out in the competition.


A good claim or slogan must include important company statements and also communicate the most important message to the client. On Corporate side, these are the values, promises and core identity by customer use of the product – This includes basic benefits, additional benefits and psychological benefits, and customer needs and self-understanding of the customer. Of course this may not work in all length and explicitly. The art in the creation of claims or slogans is to transport these things as implied, often in an emotional way. Here similarities on the brand names and company names are clear to see: on one side, the claim/slogan mainly associated with the name and the message it contains must only often supplement especially descriptive name and on the other hand work as a good brand name or company name, and create association in the customers mind. The result is particularly powerful and effective from the start.


Even if there is no clear separation of the terms claim and slogan, the word “claim” describes in remembrance of American history “staking a piece of land or territory”, a metaphor that is quite useful for these considerations. Especially if the brand name or company is purely artificial and in no way descriptive (often descriptive names are not protectable), replenishment of the brand through a claim is worthwhile. For large brands, loading of the brand with statements of the claim can be done through permanent communication. Often a brand can still work even if the claim is omitted. With very strong brands, only logo or symbol is enough: e.g. the so-called Nike swoosh, which conveys name and claim (JUST DO IT.) at a high percentage of the target group.