agentur naming



Dr. Bernhard Ulrich

Brand expert, 25 years marketing and a brand consultant for international companies, a lecturer at the Universities of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg and Linz


Julian Weidenthaler

Art Director, mehrere internationale Designpreise

Design Consultant


DI Gregor Stadlhuber

Seit 1996 internationale Erfahrung bei Internetprojekten: Softwareentwicklung, Management komplexer Projekte.

Technical Consultant


Mag. Andreas Thaler

Renowned product designer, multiple international design awards, curator of international exhibitions.


Markus Pöchinger, MBA

Composer, music producer and owner of Vienna soundtrack music production: First THXpm3 certified studio in Austria


Kathrin Garstenauer

Master degree Event manager, planning and organization of Large events (festivals, exhibitions, symposia, Concerts, presentations)

Event Consultant
+43 676 888 90 406


MMag. Kurt A. Pirklbauer

Video producer and media expert
In addition to the department heads, we have an international network of employees for legal, linguistic and cultural trademark searches.