The services range from the development of brand and company names including international legal, linguistic and cultural examination, slogans and claims to brand strategies, brand valuation, marketing concepts and the implementation of individual measures in the field of corporate design.



The difference between brand and company name is that brand name refers to all products or services of a company. Since there is a brand strategy behind both versions, brand names and company names are increasingly merging.

The information on this website relates principally to brand names as well as company names.

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A name is the only unchanging element of a product: it is communicated across all channels – visually and aurally, in media, on telephone and personal interviews thus also “learned”. Therefore a name has great potential.

Along with creating, we are worldwide leading partners in trademark legality, as well as cultural and linguistic domain searches.

In addition to development of brand names and company names, we also offer services in related areas.

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Often inextricably linked with the name. Provides crucial additional claims that position the brand clearly making it stand out in the competition.

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Wherever the market is changing, the brand and the brand name must also support these changes in the long run. Therefore it is good to prepare and consider all scenarios in advance.

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Good names pose tremendous potential as a basis for campaign – through visual appearance via logo to the point-of-sale action. This potential must be considered in the first step. The process begins with the briefing.

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