Company names

The difference between brand and company name is that brand name refers to all products or services of a company. Since there is a brand strategy behind both versions, brand names and company names are increasingly merging. The information on this website relates principally to brand names as well as company names.



A special feature of company name is the industry regulations that form a representation of competent Chamber of Commerce, which have to be considered in the creative process of both Company and Brand name.

Other features include stock corporate law requirements. Previously companies were strictly limited in their choice of company name. Sole proprietorship and partnerships had to contain the name of the company or of a general partner like GmbH or AG Corporations. This forced control has been waived for the purpose of equality in European competition. As a result, factual as well as fantasy names are now permitted for all companies. The company’s name must be suitable for marking the company as strong and distinctive as possible. However, there are practical limits since many proper names and property companies are already in use.



Founders in Europe are increasingly discovering the advantages of artificial creative company names. Company founders more often than not start the first attempt with abbreviations, but this inexpressible unnoticeable character or letter combinations do not apply to the UGB as a fantasy or artificial company name. In addition, these combinations make finding of the company on the Internet almost impossible: If you “google” a company name in the form of a three-digit combination, it gives thousands of hits – not only the company desired. It is therefore necessary, to find suitable fancy words – which is actually easier said than done. Here it is worthwhile to consult us as experienced experts.




In addition to the legal protection aspect, a good artificial company name has many other advantages: They are open from the beginning with positive impressions – do not have to be “charged” over many years with extremely high monetary costs and tedious communication work. Increasingly difficult is the acquisition of all required future domains. Good names are of course legally protected in all countries and easy pronounce (for example waiver of “R” in Chinese markets).


Tested safety is very important in the formation of a Creative content company names in different countries and regions especially in an increasingly globalized economy. – A good illustration of this is how examination of each lexicon provides insufficient security. For example the Slang expression “FIAT Uno” translated to (Finnish for “idiot “). This affirms the need of an Agency that offers global linguistic- cultural checks with native speakers.



When the company found, is proving increasingly important value system: With up to about 95 % of the value of the company, it represents one of the most important business investments – and is exceptionally easy to maintain, does not require expensive storage areas to complete and win value and attractiveness with age.